Press Kit

Stokki is an app to keep track of your investment portfolio in stocks, funds and indexes. Get a complete overview of all your portfolios across banks and brokers in one view, and convert your gains into your local currency.

With Stokki you can keep an eye on the companies you love, with a powerful watchlist, and set a target price for a stock to know when to buy or sell.

A key difference about Stokki is that you will not find fancy technical indicators or tools that promote short-term trading. Stokki is designed and tailored for investors who buy stocks as they would buy an entire business.

Stokki provides access to financial data, news events, simple price history charts and much more.

By entering your transactions into Stokki you can get a clear overview of your portfolios. You can even see the holdings in all your portfolios at once, to get a combined view of your results.

Core features

In addition we focus on:

The Stokki logo and a selection of full-resolution screenshots can be downloaded here.


Stokki is a free app, with the option of a Pro subscription plan to unlock additional features. Stokki is an universal app for iPhone, iPad and M1 Macs. A subscription plan is valid on all platforms at once.

Release date

Stokki was released on April 22nd 2020.

Availability and localization

Stokki is available in all countries that the App Store supports. The app is fully localized for Danish and English speaking countries, with more languages to follow. Please reach out if you can help with this.

About Us

Stokki was designed and developed by Christian Mitteldorf, and is owned by the Mitteldorf company based in Denmark. Christian began this project in the spring of 2019, as a way to track his own investments. Christian also owns and develops the financial independence app FI Scouts.

We are extremely open to your feedback, so please help us shape the app to your liking. Let us know if you have any feature requests. If you have any problems or need help, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to answer anything!